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The political study has been evolving since the Greek Period down to the present day, 21st Century. Political Science is picking up the new emerging trends linking it with the past. As political science is gaining immense importance dealing with an individual’s life, politics at national and international level, its scope is rapidly expanding. The new generation needs to step with the pace of new developments in the field of politics. They must be equipped with the modern thoughts and knowledge to cope with modern day challenges.

The world politics is continuously passing through changes. The trend of globalization, none state actors, phenomena of terrorism, extremism, climate change, social media, regional integrations, ethnicity, ideology and long-lasting unresolved conflicts have their direct impacts on individual life as well as the whole society or the state. Those living in the less developed societies yet to be integrated into modern age. All these challenges included in the field of study of Political Science, making it the most fascinating subject of study.

The Department of Political Science, University of Chitral is a leading institution offering modern education in the field of Political Science with the supervision of highly qualified faculty members. The department offers two academic programs for graduates and undergraduate students. The courses have been designed as per HEC guideline by keeping in view the modern-day politics and the students’ needs. The purpose of political study is to familiar students with political developments at national and internal level.

Studying Political Science in the University of Chitral has its own peculiar importance. University of Chitral is located in the historical Chitral district in the lap of Hindukush Mountains in the extreme northwest of Pakistan. District Chitral is situated in confluence of three significant regions of western China, Central Asia and South Asia. The ancient silk route from East Turkestan to South Asia was passing through Chitral. District Chitral before annexation with Pakistan in 1947, had been independent state for thousand years under different dynasties. In 1895, Chitral became a part of British India. Presently, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor’s (CPEC) alternative route has been planned through this area connecting Western China with Gwader port in the Arabian Sea. This development will enhance regional connectivity. Studying Political Science in this historical city will definitely make a difference.

The vision of Political Science department is to produce graduates equipped with sound modern political knowledge and to guide them to be thoughtful scholars and competent professionals to serve the humanity in all walks of life.

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