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  • Faculty Name : Syed Wasif Azim
  • Designation : IPFP research fellow
  • Email: wasifazim@uop.edu.pk


Syed Wasif Azim is currently working as an IPFP-HEC Research Fellow (Intern Placement of Fresh PHDs) in the department of Political Science, University of Chitral, Chitral, Pakistan. He did his PhD from the department of political Science, University of Peshawar in June 2019 under the supervision of Professor Muhammad Ayub Jan. The PHD research primarily investigated the question of how conflict and violence impact ethnic and national identities. This question was explored through the case of conflict and violence among the Pukhtuns in Swat, northern Pakistan. Part of the research was conducted in South Asia Center of Jackson School of International studies, University of Washington, Seattle, USA which was funded by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan through its international research support program. Moreover, the PHD research was also funded by HEC through indigenous fellowship for PHD. Prior to this Wasif’s research in MA Political Science from Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Pakistan, explored the impediments to Political Participation of Pukhtun Women in district Peshawar, Pakistan. His research interests are Conflict, Violence, Ethnic identity, National Identity and Political Participation

Research Publication

1 Azim, Syed Wasif. 2018. “Conflict and Violence in Swat: Impacts on Pakistani National Identity among Swat Pukhtuns.” Journal of Political Studies (Special Issue): 59:74. (HEC Category X).
2 Azim, Syed Wasif, Zarmina Baloch and Asif Salim. 2020. “Our Hujra is deserted”: Conflict, Violence, culture, and ethnic identity among the Pukhtuns of Swat, Pakistan. International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation 24 (9): 4694-4704. (HEC Category Y).
3 Yaseen Ullah, Manzoor Ahmad and Syed Wasif Azim. 2020. “Politics of Protest in Pakistan: Causes and Features of the PTI (2014) Dharna in Islamabad, Pakistan” Global Strategic & Security Studies Review (GSSSR) 5 (1): 36 ‒ 46. (HEC Category Y).
4 Wahab Fazal, Syed Wasif Azim and Muhammad Ayub Jan (2020). “The Testimony of Traumatic and Violent Conflict: Pukhtu Poetry in Swat in Retrospect.” Journal of Peace, Development and Communication, 04 (02): 16–42 (HEC Category Y)..
5 Azim, Syed Wasif, Mohammad Ayub Jan, and Nathalie Willaims. 2018. “Conflict and Ethnic Identity: Pukhtunwali and Purdah in Conflict Ridden Swat, Pakistan.” Pakistan Journal of Criminology 10(3): 64–85. (HEC Category Y)
6 Azim, Syed Wasif, Wajid Mehmood, and Sajjad Hussain. 2018. “Swat Conflict in Retrospect: Violence and Jarga among the Swat Pukhtuns in Pakistan.” LASSIJ: Liberal Arts and Social Sciences International Journal 2(1): 37–48. (HEC Category Y)
7 Azim, Syed Wasif, Muhammad Ayub Jan, and Hassan Shah. 2016. “Pak-India Trade Relations: From Rivalry to Friendship.” The Dialogue 11(4): 428-443. (HEC Category Y)
8 Khan, Zahid, Syed Wasif Azim, and Wajid Mehmood. 2015. “The Quest for National Integration in Pakistan: Pakhtun Perspective.” Journal of contemporary studies 4(1): 95–107. (HEC Category Z)
9 Azim, Syed Wasif, Wajid Mehmood, and Mohammad Ayub Jan. 2015. “Muslim Militant’s Mindset and Quranic Verses: A Comparison of Narratives from Pakistan.” Humanities and Social Sciences 22(1): 183-194. (HEC Category Z)

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